Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Review of "The Long Silent Night" by Shane Berryhill

Story Overview:

Jack Frost is a Private detective asked to looking into the kidnapping of his adoptive father, Santa Claus. What he discovers on his journey is that not everything as it seems in the worlds of the holiday times.

Cover Page:  18/20

The cover certainly has an interest about it. With the shadow on the front and the simple sign does stand the novel out amongst its peers. However I would think that a few of the other characters behind the main figure would intrigue me more.

Characters (and their development):  15/20

There are holiday characters from practically every season out there and lots of creatures from mythology. Each one seems to have a new twist on them which is not what you would expect of them. The true brains’ behind the plot is particularly good in my opinion and having Jack Frost as a rather sarcastic anti-hero plays very well. The interactions between can be very amusing at times, however there is little development from the characters which is a little sad in places.

Storyline:  18/20

The story is certainly interesting. The idea of Santa Claus being kidnapped and an everlasting night due to magic with every holiday wanting the night to stop is certainly an interesting slant. What I find most interesting is that this is a humorous story with a good back story for people to enjoy.

The twist and the real culprit revealed at the end of the book is certainly satisfying and well thought-out and I cannot fault the authors reasoning’s when he wrote that.

Style:  15/20

I’m not a particular fan of the heavy dialogue novels which is what the main story is about: the interaction between the characters. However on the plus sides a new slant on holiday characters and the poems at the end of each chapter certainly make the novella unique. Unfortunately the way in which some of the dialogue is done requires the reader to go through the novella slower as sometimes it is easy to lose track who is speaking is speaking and who is not.

Spelling and Grammar:  12/20

There are a lot of grammar mistakes within the novel, mostly missing punctuation which would benefit the book if they were sorted out. The spelling is sound, but the grammar makes it hard to determine who is speaking in some parts of the book.

Conclusion:  75/100

This is a good story if you are looking for a story to have a laugh with in the middle of dark winter nights. The storyline is interesting with a good twist at the end. But I warn that the mistakes made with the grammar and the heavy dialogue may put some readers off.

Purchase this book.

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