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This is a list of the books that we have reviewed, the date of the review and the conclusion that was made on the book at the time.

Review for "Song of the Fairy Queen" by Valerie Douglas  August 2012

A highly enjoyable book, which if I am honest I couldn't put down despite not being on my usual reading pile. I enjoyed the battle scenes, the romance scenes and the friendships that grew from the book. If this review was on Amazon, this would get five stars and I truly hope that more people give this book a try and the recognition that it so deserves.

Review of "Blood Faerie" by India Drummond August 2012

I will have to say this is a great book and well worth a read. The characters are well thought out and interact with each other and the reader in some of the best writing that I have seen to date. The writing is perfect and the ending of the story leaves the reader satisfied and yet opens up the door to further books which follow this one. I would highly recommend this book.

Review of "Azuri Fae" by India Drummond September 2012

This book is an excellent sequel to the first in the series that moves the story on in a fashion that any author should be proud of. With enthralling tales, twists that will shock most readers and characters that you just wish you could invite over for dinner; I would recommend this to anyone who loves fantasy.

Review for "Wampus Springs" by Wade Faubert September 2012

This is a book with plenty of promise and potential, but the execution lets it down slightly. There are moments of brilliant writing, but unfortunately it is not consistent. If I was a young teen, or a person who really loved the ‘Twilight’ series, then this is the book that would buy. But for the casual reader it might be one that would be a disappointed. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a bad book, and there are plenty of books out there that are worse than this one, but one should not buy this if they like being told what is going on and not hearing it from the characters. 

Review of "The Legend of Rachel Petersen" by "JT Baroni" September 2012

This is a book that has a great number of ideas but tries too hard to mesh them all together into a single storyline. This probably would have done better as two short novellas or novels but together they are damage the other. Saying that it is not a bad book and I would say that casual readers of horror may enjoy the book, but not those hard core horror fans or those who like to see the characters develop. 

Review of "Sins of the Father" by RJ Palmer September 2012

It seems like a tale of two halves with this book. The story, characters and the initial look of the book are fantastic, putting it up with some of the best writing that I’ve had the pleasure of reading for a while. However at the same time, the style grammar and formatting is in need of a little improvement. I feel there is great potential in the author and the story is strong enough to be read by the masses, but I think that some people will be overly critical for the use of some words and the formatting mistakes.

So I’ve broken it down to one question: Would I recommend the book?

Yes. Despite the errors, the story and characters are strong. The formatting can be fixed and the use of words is not wrong, just not warranted by the mass market. If a reader can get past these, they’ll have a great read that is full of excitement few authors can achieve.

Review of "Enemy of the Fae" by India Drummond October 2012

The series is again continued in excellent style. The author is developing not just the characters but the world in which she has created the characters interacts with. The writing is as ever sublime and the story compelling enough for one to read to the very end as quickly as one can. If you’ve not read this installment yet, I would truly recommend it.

Review for Sanctum Angels Shadow Havens Book 1 by Edenmary Black October 2012

This is an enjoyable story and if you are a paranormal romance fan I would certainly recommend this. However I warn that this is not a book for young readers, it is certainly an adult orientated book. The characters are unique to each other and other works of literature and the supernatural elements are fresh. The storyline is good which develops from a bunch of unconnected stories into a single story which does not disappoint. The love scenes are well described without giving too much details that the scenes seem too much like “adult pictures”.
Review of "The Long Silent Night" by Shane Berryhill October 2012

This is a good story if you are looking for a story to have a laugh with in the middle of dark winter nights. The storyline is interesting with a good twist at the end. But I warn that the mistakes made with the grammar and the heavy dialogue may put some readers off.

Review for "Curse of the Ice Dragon" by Tara West November 2012

This is a great book. There is nothing else to say about it. The story flows perfectly well and not only did I enjoy it, but so did my son. The twist and turns are brilliantly played out that it will keep you guessing whether or not the final picture has been revealed right up to the point that the last words have been written. And the characters are a joy to read about and watch develop.

Review of "The Slender Man" by Simon John Cox January 2013
“The Slender Man” does have its positives. It has a great concept and a fresh new antagonist which is well thought out and portrayed brilliantly. Plus to the author’s credit he kept it sufficiently hidden until the final sequences that you will feel a little ice in your blood at the thought. I can think of several authors who would have let temptation get the better of them and reveal the monster too soon. But unfortunately I was left asking more questions than I had answers for and the repetitive use of “I...” left me struggling to read fluently through the novella. If you like a good monster and don’t mind this style of writing, then you may wish to give this a try. Otherwise you probably won’t.

With that said, I would caution staying away from this author. Personally I think that there is some potential in the stories he creates and perhaps that the first person perspective just wasn’t right for this story. I would be interested in testing one of his other releases, if they were in third person.

Review of Troll or Derby by Red Tash March 2013

A book that is well worth a read for horror and dark fantasy fans; or for those readers who like a fast paced novel with plenty of description. But readers with tastes away from fairies, trolls and those who may take offence at violence and drug use (although the latter definitely seen in a negative view within the book) should think twice.

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