Writer's Code of Honour

I, as a professional writer who values my integrity. do solemnly swear that I shall
  1. Never write my own reviews, nor will I use sock puppets or other methods to falsely present my books as being of superior quality or to promote them over that of others.
  2. Never ask others to like/tag/review my book without reading it simply to 'support other writers'
  3. Never ask others to vote for my book without reading it in order to get a positive review or vote in order to have my book selected by an agent or publisher over that of other qualified writers
  4. Never ask others to give another writer bad reviews in order to make my book appear better than that writer
  5. Never use another's post in order to promote my own book
  6. Not advertise my books on sites that do not allow it. nor will I spam (advertise) endlessly. One post per day per site should be enough.
  7. Always read the rules on every site, and respect those rules as they have been laid out, without looking for loopholes
  8. Agree to always treat other authors with respect and act in a professional manner
Original document can be found on the Indie Author Group on Facebook.

1 comment:

  1. I agree with your Writer's Code of Honour. I try to adhere to all 8 rules because I consider myself a professional writer/illustrator, and I want others to think of me as a professional, too. Thanks for sharing your WCoH.


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