Review Submission Guidelines

 E-book Review Submission

Please follow these simple steps to ensure that we can quickly deal with your request.

Checklist before submitting:
  1. Ensure that your book is at a stage where you wish to publish it (if it has not been already).
  2. Choose a reviewer who is currently accepting submissions at this time.
  3. That your novel is in the reviewer's accepted genres.
  4. You own the rights to the book.
 The Submission Process
  1. Send a brief e-mail to the chosen reviewer in the following format:
    Subject: Review Request: <Name of Book> by <Author Name>
    Book Blurb / synopsis
    Book Cover
    1st Chapter excerpt.(optional but will allow a quicker response)
  2. The reviewer will contact you to inform you whether or not they wish to review your book and what they would like from you in order to successful review and promote the book later. If it is accepted please forward the requested details as soon as possible.
Review Process
  1. We operating a "first in, first out" reading policy. Please note that your book is not put into the reading pile until we have received your e-mail with the copy or code.
  2. Once the reviewer has read your book we will post the full review here on the blog with a short version on Goodreads, Facebook and Twitter and then let you know it has been posted.
  3. Periodically the review will be broadcasted on Twitter.
Please note that we can take no liability for any increase or decrease in sales for any books that have been reviewed. 

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