Friday, 28 September 2012

Changes in the Rating system:

Okay, so I’ve done some deep thinking and the system that I’ve been using the past few weeks isn’t really working for converting our marks into Amazon / Goodreads star rating. So what I have decided to do is change the score you need for each star rating. To be fair to previous reviews and to make life easier, their ratings will not be altered. However these are the new levels for all books being reviewed from and including “Sins of the Father” by RJ Palmer.

0-39 – 1 Star
40-59 – 2 Star
60-79 – 3 Star
80-89 – 4 Star
90 – 100 – 5 Star

The idea of this is to make sure that not too many people get the top 5 star reviews. In my opinion not every book should be 5 stars. Only the best should achieve that result. But looking at the old scoring system, getting a 16/20 average over the five sections would have gotten you a 5 star still. Which is silly, if your grammar is out and your characters are well drawn out, then you shouldn’t get 5 stars. Don’t get me wrong, if you got a 1 or 2 star I am not saying you shouldn’t publish, but my opinion is that I didn’t like the book and it needs some work.

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