Sunday, 30 September 2012

September Report

Okay so September has been and gone and I am excited by the progress that the blog has made. From August we have made good progress in striving to achieve quality impartial reviews; giving readers as much information as possible without spoilers. So let’s look at some positives and negatives of the month.


·         We had 300% more visits in September than August.
·         Like for like that is 180% daily visits to the site than in August.
·         I reviewed 4 novels, 1 marketing site and gave a post on why bad reviews are not always so bad.
·         We changed the rating system so book ratings are fairer to all
·         Our review of Bublish greatly increased our visibility to the rest of the internet.
·         We are having guest posts now on the blog
·         We now have two followers.


·         Request for reviews are still slim on the ground, and 50% of requests are for books in genres that we do not read.
·         Sunday still appears to be a bad day for the blog, with little traffic.
·         Our Facebook page and twitter are not doing so well.

My aim for the coming months is to build on the platform that I have already got and make the brand image what I want it to be; detailed impartial reviews. I also want to increase the number of guest posts that we have on the site. With the daily traffic that I am now achieving when I am not advertising and the boast I get when I have a new article to read, it is a good time to get those guest bloggers in.

Good day to all.


  1. I made some comments on Facebook and Twitter for you. Hopefully it helps you to meet some goals.

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