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Three Author Promotion Websites to Look out for

We all know that marketing is one of the problems in which most authors, whether traditionally or self published, struggle with. What works for some authors, doesn’t seem to have any positive effects for another which makes it tough for authors to decide what avenues to pour their valuable time into. Add on to all the existing methods, new websites for promoting author’s hard work are opening all the time. Some will say that this can only benefit authors, but readers only have a limited number of hours per day to read. With limited time and readers divided between numerous sites, spending your time on the right site is so very important.
So what I wanted to do was to introduce three up and coming sites in which authors may not know of, but in my mind may help the author out in the future to gain valuable reader’s time. What’s great about these sites; they don’t care if you are a best seller, they are there to promote you.


A lot of authors will probably know of this website, but in my mind it is still growing and is nowhere near the size of Goodreads or other social media – yet.

Authors Database is a huge database of authors from just about every genre. The author can create and edit a listing of their own and that listing can contain just about anything you could want to know about them. A personal bio, websites, blogs, facebook, twitter, linkedin, Goodreads, Google+ and a list of your books with a choice of their reviews really gives authors the chance to show off their best and connect with readers. But authors have the option of adding multiple media including photos and videos which can really set up a unique listing that can catch the reader’s attention.

Every week the website does a list of featured authors that are randomly selected and a special Author Spotlight which again is randomly selected; thus giving authors a chance of precious exposure to readers at any time. However with so many authors on the list, feature time will probably be few and far between. Yet the biggest advantage of the website is the number of links that it adds to your social media, making it easier for readers to find you when they are doing an internet search for your name. If you are pretty good at meta data this site could be gold for you.

The power of this website has certainly been demonstrated to me. When I recently added myself to their listed almost 10% of my blog traffic came from this website.

The Electronic Text and Literary Cloud

This is a very young site and is still in the beta stages at the moment, yet it could be a great asset for authors to list their books and readers to find their next great read. When I contacted the eTLC about doing this feature they sent me this blurb for their website.

The Electronic Text and Literature Cloud (eTLC) was established to help readers discover Indie authors. The majority of writing on this cloud is available in a digitalized format, which provides Indies with a viable medium to post their work. Our focus is self-published material since we believe it remains closer to the "vision" of the writer than work reshaped by publishers with "elusive" marketing goals. 
Currently, 325 works are posted on eTLC.  Fiction and nonfiction titles are separated into eighteen categories.  In addition to novel-length works, we welcome short stories and poetry.  All postings include cover art, product descriptions, and links to bookstores.  Most postings include links to the websites and/or the social-networking sites of the authors, and one or more book reviews.  In addition, more than half of the listings include sample chapters.

With the scope of information, the addition of sample chapters and good connectivity to your books across all sale platforms and to your own blogs, this site has the potential to develop into a good catalog for readers to use.


As regular readers will know; I’ve done a couple of blog posts on Bublish. One was way back in September 2012 the other was in February when I went through their bubble creation process. I won’t go over those points again. This time I come back to view how I think it has done on my exposure. Well to be honest, I know my name has been thrown out a few times by the Bublish team that has gained me huge exposure. Each week Bublish tweets a line from my bubbles with links back to the excerpt and once a week I can find myself on their floating bookstore. That on its own is a great way to gain exposure.

However Bublish do weekly author interviews on twitter, something which I have not yet participated in, but have watched /read several of them and on a Friday they do a surprise feature on one of their authors. Both of these events are great for authors to interact with their readers – which is key for authors to gain a good fan base.

When you combine all the efforts that they do to promote you and the fact that they are only in their beta stages, Bublish has the potential to grow your fan base exponentially if used right by the author. For readers this is great for finding the next great author. Not only do you get to "try before you buy" but they can interact with the authors that has been rare before.

Do you have any other sites that are good for finding a good author? Have you got any experience with these sites? Leave your comments below.

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