Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Author's Guide to SMART excerpt by D J Lowbridge

Latest guest post by David Lowbridge over on Novel Publicity.

When I talk about being SMART, I am not talking about the actual intelligence of an author. I am talking about the acumen SMART (Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely). Some people would like to think when they write that they will accomplish great goals set in their head: to be a bestseller or to create a kick-ass book. But in reality are either of those targets useful?

What is a kick-ass book; one that you like or your family likes or 100 million readers like? What about being a bestseller—where is the line that divides a mid-list or not-even-on-the-list author from the bestseller? Neither of those goals have defining, measurable borders. And when would you like to complete those tasks by: Christmas, next Christmas, your 100th birthday?

By setting goals with the following criteria you’ll be able to create better, more realistic goals for both your writing and any marketing you would like to do.

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  1. Great post - and makes you stop and think about setting SMART goals down to paper to be more effective at achieving those goals and happier all around. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Lynn. One of the advantages of using SMART goals is that you don't waste time chasing unrealistic goals and are then able to concentrate on what really matters: writing the next great book.


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