Saturday, 13 April 2013

Guest Post - Gotta Read Reviews Excerpt

New authors have one massive problem; cash flow. The cost of financing a book can be rather expensive. The cost of editing ($500), book cover ($150) and formatting ($50) alone can run a large bill ($700). Then if you decide to buy any advertising your costs can practically spiral out of control. When you consider only 20% of books sell 100 copies or more, you’d have to be charging a high price just to break even.

So unless you are either really good at marketing; are exceedingly lucky or have tonnes of money stored in the bank (unless you are living in Cyprus): it is very unlikely that you would be able to fund two or more books. If you find yourself in this predicament and are currently pulling your hair out worrying about whether you should eat for the next month or pay the editor then read on. For I have found myself in this exact position.

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