Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Update - New Schedule for The Indie Ebook Review Site

So for those of you who haven’t been keeping up, we have a new staff member – Jess Mountifield. She is an excellent reviewer and she has already done such a wonderful job on revitalizing the facebook page. We would still like another reviewer or two to join the team in order to help us reach our goal of being a blog dedicated to quality content. So if you fancy being a reviewer on a site then please have a look at the staff page for more information including what the role entitles and what benefits there are..

We’ve put in a lot of thought this weekend just been and decided that the site needs some changes in the schedule. So from next week we will have a new schedule:

Mondays – Cover Spotlight – show off the cover of your book and write a little about it. This can be an upcoming release or an old backlist book.
Tuesday – Author Tales – Tell us something about your writing career thus far. It could be an overview of the whole career or a good event that has stuck in your mind.
Wednesday  - Excerpt - show off your work with an excerpt and a little bit of how it inspired you.
Thursday – Market Madness – Do you think you could sell us your book in 20 words? Have a go. 5 authors get the chance each week.
Friday – Review day – This is the day when new reviews will be posted.

You can participate in any of these days and as many times as you like as long as it is new content.

It is important that you really do consider these opportunities. Our average page views per day has steadily increased month on month so now is a good time to get involved. Guest posts can work like a charm.  I’ve had authors who have told me after their feature has been posted that they have seen a boost in sales. So what are you waiting for? To book a spot please contact me by sending us an e-mail and join us on our facebook page.

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