Monday, 17 December 2012

17 December 2012 - Market Madness Monday

Again as usual people, authors were given 20 words in which to pitch their books:


Deception Peak by Dianne Gardner

A boy and his father struggle to find their courage in a beautiful yet perilous Realm.


Club Number Five By Jennifer Loiske

Being a newborn Vampire Sucks!


Fables of the Reconstruction by Hunter S Jones

An allegory of possession and desire-the hungers of the spirit, based on the Haitian voodoo zombie beliefs. Mature content.


Death & Magic (The Barefoot Healer, volume I) by Steven J Pemberton

A murder mystery set in a school for wizards.


SILVER: The Lost & Damned by Keira Michelle Telford

In a post-apocalyptic city on the verge of collapse, Silver is a wrongly convicted traitor in need of redemption.


The People In Between: A Cyprus Odyssey by Greg Lamb

A novel rich with history illustrates a family's past, shaped by the conflicts during the 1960s and 70s on Cyprus.


The Coming Storm by Valerie Douglas

Elon of Aerilann's foresight warns of trouble in the Kingdoms. The signs are there. Epic fantasy lovers will love this.

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