Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Excerpt - Guest Post on Girl Who Reads

Yesterday I was very fortunate to have a guest post on the wonderful blog "Girl Who Reads". Here is the first two paragraphs to that post and a link to the full article.

Hello my name is David and I’m an aspiring author. I found this post incredibly difficult to write without it sounding as if I was a member of an addiction support group. However I think that analogy that suits me well, writing and being an author is an addiction for me. As with all obsessions there is a certain need that the act satisfies us with; for me that need is to entertain readers.

Writing is something that I have wanted to do since school. My favourite assignments were always creative writing. However I tended to find the constraints in which we were given too restraining. What I really wanted to do at the time was to write science fiction, not modern day love stories based on “Romeo and Juliet”. I always thought that stipulating those restrictions was not a particularly good exercise for developing fiction writing. There was no advice on character creation, dialogue or plot lines. Yet despite the lack of direction; when I was thirteen we had an assignment to write a six part ghost story. I remember the buzz I felt when my classmates wanted to hear the latest instalments of my story; hanging on to every twist and turn woven into my series.

Read full article here

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